November 21 2013 Correspondence Text to PIO, MCI

Subject:     Battery At Nursing Home - Please respond
From:     ___________________________________________
Date:     Thursday, November 21, 2013 1:03 AM

Kind Attention:
Public Information Officer,
Medical Council Of India,
      I had written letters to you via email on your email id from this very email id with the subject Battery at Nursing Home". Dates: FIRST: 2012, June 16; SECOND: 2013, Jan. 9 or 10; THIRD: 2013 May 28; Fourth: 2013, July 19. Please respond. Plus, the following needs to be done:-
#1(a). Find out exactly what was done in the nursing home, what all steroids, toxic substances, medicines were given to me, when, and in how much dosage (Nov. 3 to Nov. 8, 2007, and again on Dec. 30, 2007).
#1(b). Why? I can tell you that it was certainly not justified, and that the Brigadier is a scoundrel who was set up, and that Khanna Nursing Home is an incompetent Nursing Home. It was a planned attack on my CNS.
#2(a). What permanent damage has been done to my central nervous system and elsewhere, to my glands etc. Tests, in a secure, controlled and monitored Laboratory, Centre need to be carried out in the presence of trusted medical practitioners at the expense of Khanna Nursing home and the Brigadier. The toxic substances have brought about permanent changes to the way my mind and internal body functions function. I’m distressed and am suffering continuously. Now I have problems with gait, and many more.
#2(b). How is the poisonous, toxic effect of the toxic substances supposed to be removed, eradicated? It has been six years. How is the permanent damage supposed to be neutralized? The effect is direct and also ‘further’. In fact, the ‘further’ effect is a huge list!
#3(a). Press charges against (i) the Nursing Home, (ii) Brigadier Sudarsanan, and (iii) ‘unknown persons’ who came and about whom you still need to be informed (you have not bothered to find out). Suitable punishment is to be accorded to all the above three antisocial elements (I, ii, iii above) for their criminal act, for their negligence, for their incompetence.
#3(b). Decide on a suitable compensation for the dastardly attack. Compensation is to be retrieved from (i) the Nursing Home, (ii) Brigadier Sudarsanan, and (iii) ‘unknown persons’. If you need to seek assistance from the CBI, do it. I don’t know the CBI. It is suggested that this entire case may be forwarded to the CBI. I have lost my career, my health, suffered loss of reputation. Plus, my entire life has taken a different turn. My life has been spoilt. My health is deteriorating rapidly, continuously, and you the MCI, just sit there with one hand over the other hand. I have been suffering continuously from Nov. 3, 2007 before which date I was a perfectly normal, nimble footed, outgoing, hardworking, positive outlook, energetic person just concerned with my rozi roti.
      Plus, you may like to find out who the handlers of the Brigadier are and which other unsuspecting or non suspecting patients have been thus made to suffer in one way or the other. Is the Brigadier only an anti social element or is he also an anti national element. Why did he start mentioning his own daughters (!) to me on his own in the Nursing Home and their desire of friendship with a suitable male? Why did he urge me to befriend them? This Brigadier is a dangerous, depraved, sick person in our society. He is a ‘dangerous hormone’ in our midst, for ‘civil society’. He is himself deranged, with a criminal bent of mind, and you have given him a license to practice psychiatry!
      Get proactive MCI, I have told you earlier. Please respond, and take suitable action. Reference is my letters to you from this very email id to your email id (being mentioned again) and the same are also uploaded on the url (with some words not shown or not displayed – “########”, #####################, and my name and my no.).
Thanking you.

      Hello friends from the North East! Following information is for your appraisal. This text has not yet been sent to the MCI for some reason. However, you may pursue whatever action you deem fit to undertake. In fact, I encourage you. This Brigadier has to be dealt with. This is an open call to folks from the North East. The Brigadier told me that they kept the jawans of the Army motivated by instigating them to go and rape at will. I used to wonder as to why he told me that.

The text is in between the lines:

Why did he refer to the ‘rapes of the North East women by the army’ to me in the Nursing Home as a necessary dose for the jawans?! Will you conduct Narco Analysis of this Brigadier? He is an obnoxious rogue.