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Battery At Nursing Home
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Hello folks at MCI!
This is further to my communication to you of June 16, 2012 with the subject “Battery at Nursing Home” from the same email id. I hope you have that in your records. I’ll continue straightaway.

On the 4th or 5th of November, 2007, a Brain and Back MRI was prescribed and the report (which came after a few days) after the MRI’s said normal. As mentioned in the last communication, on the evening of the 4th or 5th I was given (intravenous, I think) something and I slept the entire duration of the night, woke up only for breakfast and slept again, woke up only for lunch and slept again, woke up only for dinner and slept again. And then when I woke up the next day, I was fresh. Really fresh, and I just wanted to get out of the Nursing Home and get back to my work. Sudarsanan, when he came, said that he did not expect that I would sleep that much. Anyway, as I have mentioned, I was feeling fine and wanted to cover up for the few days lost in the Nursing Home. Then something went wrong. There were hectic parleys or something. I was not allowed to leave. It was, it seems, already decided to indulge in something nasty. Then again a series of intravenous stuff was injected and I couldn’t understand what exactly was going on and why. I don’t recall about immediately after that. But I started feeling uncomfortable, as if something was changing about me. It is after that that my nimble footed self begin to change. If I recall correctly, I felt vibrations in my entire body, a kind of electric current.
I have to mention here that the Brigadier’s questions were nonsense and at the same time he was trying to feed me with his own brand of answers which I had to reject. I can tell you now that the man is a sadist, someone with bad intent (I know it is hard for you to believe). Despite my protests and rejections to his answers or responses to his own questions, he kept writing something. And I can tell you he was acting at the behest of somebody. He's probably made stories on his own. He will tell you under “Narco Analysis”. C'mon M.C.I., do you have the guts to get this conducted on him? He asked me questions about my personal life. I knew he was wasting my time but I held patience as I considered the facts as mentioned in the communication of June 16. Was he paid to render me to a vegetative state? Then suddenly he mentioned about ######## and that I should shut it. I said no, why should I? ######## is something I made out of my own “mehnat” (hard work). I was surprised at this. How does he know about ######## and why does he want it shut? ######## is my ‘internet venture’ or ‘cyber project’, whichever way you call it. ######## contains websites which enable anybody or any Company on the planet to obtain a Listing on any one or more of them. By the way, almost zero work has happened on ######## since then because I am just not able to work as efficiently or even move out of home. Nevertheless, you may visit www.########.info or simply go to www.info.########.com for information and browse further if you wish. And this is not an advertisement.
So when I told the Brigadier that no, I wouldn’t shut the websites, he shouted at me and threatened me. He yelled “we’ll give you something which will stay in your body for 10 years”. I thought he was joking. I realised later (after many days) that he was serious. Then he asked again, will you shut it down? I said no, of course not. He said nothing after that and went. I think this was 6th November (don’t recall the exact date). Now I was too concerned about just getting back to my work. Therefore, I ignored this threat. In fact I did wonder of course as to why this threat was issued but I simply let it be there. I thought, leave it, let’s get back to work, let’s get back to rozi roti. But as I have mentioned I was not allowed to leave. And then suddenly the intravenous injections started happening.
Now all this while Dr. Subhash Khanna was not there. He came much later during my stay there from 3rd Nov. to 7th or 8th November 2007 (mentioned in the last communication). I wanted to meet him and talk to him as to why this person has come and what is going on. I don’t think Sudarsanan and his team informed Dr. Khanna correctly. I did not know that he probably was being brainwashed, fed some wrong information about me (from whom I don’t know). I‘ll tell you why I say that. Dr. Khanna himself had mentioned some bizarre fictitious facts about me at a later time (who fed him this info., I don’t know). Sample this: “if anybody is taking his blood pressure while walking on the road, then he is a psychiatric case”. Now I have never indulged in anything like that and I have no idea from where this notion had been made to enter his head. And by the way, I don’t know how B.P. is taken and why would I do that? This is simply outrageous, absolutely absolutely outrageous and you should, MCI, please get in touch with me now.
Now here I would also like to mention that the attending nurse will tell you something very crucial. You must take her into confidence and get all info. as soon as possible. Why I say a.s.a.p. is also not without reason. Nurse’s role: Right in the beginning she had mentioned (given hints) that we should look for another Nursing Home. She was only suggesting of course and not being discourteous or anything. But I don’t know why she said that. Was she aware of the backdoor parleys and concerned about my welfare on simply humanitarian (insaaniyat) grounds? Or is it something else? Had she become part of a group who wanted me to be “treated” somewhere else? If I recall correctly she did mention a particular Nursing Home or Hospital in the vicinity. But I don’t exactly recall the name. Now, M.C.I., please understand that I am not trying to make this into a television soap. Nurse’s role comes later also. I don’t remember her name but she had been with Khanna Nursing Home for long. On 30th Dec. 2007, she had told me that it is a “heart attack”. And then she went. The report was never supplied to us. About 30th December I‘ll let you know via future communications. I am trying to be sequential. That’s important.
And yes, of course you should know as to why exactly I went to the Nursing Home in the first place. On 3rd evening I felt (after taking tea in a restaurant “which I used to frequent”) that something was evaporating from my head, some gas or something. It was not exactly ‘pins and needles’ but something else. I felt hyper and terrible. I did not tell you this earlier since you might have straightaway thought that oh yes a psychiatrist was needed. Now I might suspect that the tea was laced etc. etc., but this is all conjecture and probably no point going into that since I know that you are Medical Council and not normal law enforcement. I had never earlier experienced anything like that “something evaporating from the head” type of feeling. So it was probably an attack either via tea or ‘from behind’ into my head with ‘taser’ which I withstood and was ready to go back home on the 6th. These realisations dawned upon me after many months. Was it simply lack of nourishment, was I simply tired? But the entire thing has been made ghastly. I am out of work for the most part of these last 5 years +. And there is no way in the present moment that I can prove the ‘laced tea’ theory or the ‘taser’ theory. I did not tell you this earlier also for the reason that the rogue scoundrel had mentioned shizophrenia in his prescription, and you would have willingly believed that and kept my communications aside, may be not. This Brigadier is an aggressive, attacking, forceful type of person. I write to you now because I trust (I have to) that there may be insaaniyat there in your ranks.
You may be surprised that this is coming to you so late. Why? The answer is that I HAVE BEEN RENDERED ALMOST USELESS. Everything is difficult, difficult. Difficult how, I’ll explain by and by. There is a void and many many more things. I was made to feel terrified, very very terrorised, terrified, afraid with absolutely astounding nightmares that I have never experienced before in life. And currently also I still have very very little courage. I gave myself a little bit after these many years. It’s with that courage that I write. As I write this with the knowledge that I shall mail this to you, my heart pounds. Please ask a suitable Brain Scientist to get in touch with me. I’m asking you this for the sheer sake of humanity. You may have better things to do. But I have to either live normally, the way I was, or I must perish. It’s been over 5 years. But yes, I don’t have the courage to finish myself, I must admit. And there is still hope, isn’t it? But the fact is that I am staring at the unknown actually. I don’t know if this is Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig Disease, some other kind of Nerve Degeneration.
More details should come your way about the following two months of Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008 and after but, will you get proactive?
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