June 16 2012 Correspondence text

Battery at Nursing Home
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Hello folks at Medical Council Of India!
This comes to you only after careful deliberations at my end. In fact, I should have written to you much earlier ) (2007 itself).
I wish to state that I was subjected to battery at Khanna Nursing Home, Block C4F, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058 from 3rd November 2007 to 7th (or 8th) Nov. 2007 and later as well.
This communication will contain very limited information and I do expect that you will save it and refer to it alongwith the other communication that I intend to forward to you. I would expect that you start off immediately with whatever action that you deem fit to undertake. If this becomes a medico legal case, then so be it.
My present mobile no. is +91-__________, +91-__________, +91-__________.
For some reason, I sought the help of Dr. Subhash Khanna of Khanna Nursing Home as mentioned above on Nov. 3, 2007. I am not mentioning the reason right now.
The Doctors couldn’t understand what it was and they called Brigadier Sudarsanan, Ex- Dean, AFMC. He came in next day. He is a psychiatrist. I was surprised at his entry and also he was accompanied by a person whom I had never seen at the Nursing Home (surprising). Dr. Subhash Khanna was not present since he was either out of town or another reason which I don’t exactly recall now.
This Brigadier asked me all sorts of idiotic, nonsensical questions. I answered them all in good faith for the following three reasons.
#1. He was an Army man. I thought, “why should I not trust the Army?” Let’s do some lihaaz.
#2. He was a senior citizen or a senior professional (professional, must be reasonably educated at least, must be possessing good intention, that is what I thought). Now don’t ask me his exact age.
#3. He was referred by the Doctor whom I trusted or the Nursing Home to which we went.
But I was stabbed in the back (my faith was betrayed) and subjected to battery as I have mentioned earlier.
On the 4th (or 5th) I was given some intravenous stuff and I slept through the entire duration of next day waking up only to eat breakfast, take lunch, maybe evening tea and then yes dinner. I think I had been sedated. I woke up 5th (or 6th) morning and I felt fresh (FRESH) and wanted to get ready for work. And then something happened. Some back door parleys happened.
Please wait for the next communication. Of course, if you feel fit, do call me at the mobile no. mentioned.