July 19 2013 Correspondence Text

Subject: Battery at Nursing Home 
 From: ____________________________________________
 To: mci@bol.net.in; 
 Date: Friday, July 19, 2013 7:07 PM 

      Hello MCI, This is further to my communications to you of June 16, 2012, Jan. 10,  2013  and May 28, 2013 with the subject ‘Battery at Nursing Home’ from the same email id. I hope you have them in your records. I shall continue further.

      On one of the last 2-3 days of my stay in the Nursing Home, Dr. Khanna had said that “hum tere andar kutch change kar rahe hain, abhi fight chal rahi hai fight, iseeliye tujhe aisaa lag rahaa hai (we are changing something inside of you, currently a fight is on, a fight, therefore you are feeling like this)”. Now, it didn’t occur to me that they are changing something about my brain. This is an absolute criminal act and he should be in prison for that. Who asked him to bring about changes? What changes have they done? If you ask them, they’ll hoodwink, they’ll provide evasive answers. Therefore, you’ll have to apply methods to get the truth out. I thought that probably there is an infection somewhere. And I started wondering from where I got the infection. When I asked Dr. Khanna, he said “sawaal nahin poochhne (questions should not be asked)”.
      In fact, earlier when he met me for the first time in the Nursing Home, he had said about me, “iskaa dil tootaa hua hai (his heart is broken)”, and he was smiling and very confident. History is replete with instances of dangerous and disastrous quarter baked pseudo intellectuals destroying the very fabric of society. I was left wondering as to what he meant. And for any details I would be told that they have to see other patients, even though I was admitted in the Nursing Home. Now I have to tell you MCI, that I never spoke anything with this RASCAL Army Brigadier Sudarsanan which should brand me as a heart broken person. Therefore, I had mentioned earlier that they have made stories on their own. And Narco Analysis should be conducted on the Nurse as well as the Brigadier. Maybe I shall tell you via future communications what all questions he asked (whatever I remember). Most of the time, he and I were alone. Please note that. I don’t know what this confounded beast has written.
      I have mentioned and you will recall that we were suddenly asked to leave on the 8th or the 9th. But I was extremely weak by then. Anyway, when I asked about the documents which are supposed to be given to the patient when the patient leaves, the Nurse started scolding(!) and speakng loudly and behaving in a tentative manner (as if hiding something). She said loudly “kyon chahiye, kyaa karnaa hai (why do you need it, what is to be done with it)?” Anyway, I was too weak to argue or insist. We still kept the faith. All along we were just doing lihaaz (ignore the wrong acts, take the anomalies or aberrations in our stride).
     On one of the last days of my stay there, Dr. Khanna had mentioned “ab tere ko aise khayaal nahin aayenge (now you will not get these thoughts)”. I have to tell you MCI, that I had never discussed any thoughts with Dr. Khanna nor did I discuss “thoughts” with the mafia hit man Sudarsanan. What “thoughts” was Dr. Khanna talking about? You will recall that I had mentioned that Dr. Khanna had not been informed properly, that’s what I feel. But it is his responsibility. It is his Nursing Home. Had he also become part of the network? I don’t know. In fact, I realise now that this Sudarsanan is a person with bad intent who has a license by the Government of India which is used to destroy people’s lives, and is part of a gang,  a network who have created a system whereby forcefully and wrongfully he gives anjaam to his malintent. And he masks it with his pseudo explanations for the same. I have called him a rascal, a scoundrel, and the reason is this: he creates conditions in the body of the victim (patient) and then he says that “actually your body is creating these conditions, therefore we will give you these medicines”. The fact is that his lethal drugs are the condition inducing substances. This Sudarsanan has certainly learnt the trick of playing around with the simplicity of patients and their families. I mean they cause the conditions or ailments or the devastating changes and then they say that it is being caused inside of your body first for reasons known or unknown. I don’t know how many lives he has spoilt. You must stop him and put him in prison. I’m serious. The man is a criminal. Investigate thoroughly. It will not be easy. He comes on very forcefully. He thunders. He terrifies the patient (victim) with his mannerisms and his drugs. He creates havoc in the minds of the victim. It’s mental torture. This piece might also go to the National Human Rights Commission as well as the International Human Rights bodies. I’m down, really down, but I’m not completely out yet. Probably I’ll never recover throughout the remainder of my life but I am trying to fight. But I have not recovered a bit. I have decided to tell the world before I die. Yes, the enemy got to me, I admit, but by deceit. The enemy is the organisation which hired this Sudarsanan. He’ll tell you who they are. I don’t know who it is.
      So the damage had already been done. They had changed something fundamental about my brain. Refer earlier communications. The effect of that attack would reveal itself over the coming weeks and months. This is the realisation that dawned upon me much later and gradually. Upon getting discharged, I was exhausted, had vibrations in my body (like electrical current), was agitated without any reason, something was crying within. Agitation implies trauma here, agitation implies panic here. I was asked to take the medicines as mentioned in the last communication. I was told that ‘whatever you are feeling will subside with the oral intake of these drugs’. I didn’t realise that these drugs will further slide me down and that whatever I am being told is false and is being told with malintent. They are lies. Sudarsanan never issued any prescription for the drugs. He would rebel and protest and start shouting. The first or second day only (after my coming back home) he called me at my landline and asked me whether I had started taking these drugs. It started with 0.5 Sizodon. and another one (Larpose Or Pacitane or Ciplar). I took Meloset also for a few days as prescribed by Sudarsanan. For the prescription I have mentioned earlier.
      Another psychiatrist also spoke to me around this time. This is after we came back Home from Nursing Home (Nov. 2007). His talk with me was ‘arranged’ by some of my extended family members. I have never met this pseudo psychiatrist in person (and therefore Central Bureau Of Investigation). He is the famous psychiatrist of Delhi who charges by the hour glass that he carries with him. I have nothing againt carrying of hour glasses but when I say pseudo, then it is not without reason. His very style of talking told me so. He was freaking out, appeared very confident. He prescribed Respidon straightaway. How can he prescribe Respidon (same as Sizodon) within a minute into this first talk? Therefore, CBI. Sudarsanan told me later that this person has been his student. So probably, “they” just wanted me to take Sizodon. CBI can find the handlers who have been mentioned as “they”. I mention CBI again and again. I know that you are Medical Council (as I have mentioned earlier) and that you may have limited investigative powers. I don’t know.
      Yes, I have to mention here that right from Nov. 4 (I was admitted on Nov. 3) or Nov. 3 itself, I had asked for a notebook to be brought from home. I had a feeling that ‘something is not right, just write’. So I penned down “each and everything” from Nov. 3 onwards. Every detail of how I was feeling has been penned there till Jan. 16, 2008. Jan. 16, 2008 is when we returned back home from my uncle’s place. We went to my uncle’s place on Jan. 6, 2008. Unfortunately, Jan. 16, 2008 itself, the notebook got left behind at my uncle’s place and despite my asking for it, my uncle has denied its presence at his home. I distinctly remember seeing it just before we left his home that it was lying on the bedside table of a room and as I went to fetch it, my uncle asked me to arrange for something and then I just forgot about it. When I recalled about the notebook several minutes later, we were already headed for home. The reason of mentioning about the notebook is valid. If any Brain Scientist reads that notebook (or any good Neurologist or Psychiatrist) worth his salt, then that person will in all probability immediately make out that “ok, these and these drugs were given, this and this was done.” It’ll make the task much easier. I mean that then you will know about the treatment path easily. I suspect that my uncle was in touch with this Brigadier and that the Brigadier was informed of the notebook and the Brigadier must have asked him to destroy it. That’s what I feel. But I want that notebook. I want it to be read. The whole world can read it. I have nothing to fear. I did nothing wrong. The Brigadier has to be arrested. Why does my uncle not want that notebook to be made available to me? He has three or four times told me that the notebook is not with him. Probably, he’s destroyed it. This is for the CBI to investigate. And as I have mentioned earlier, I repeat that I am not trying to make this sound like a television soap script. The notebook contents are important because my state was such in those days that I didn’t remember much about the day before. There was extreme trauma, extreme distress, extreme fear, extreme bewilderment, extreme seizure (stop, don’t do anything), vibrations in body, a void, working capability had just been snatched away (no exaggeration). Probably, the Brigadier was told about my writing in the notebook by my uncle in good faith. The Brigadier must have realised that the notebook should not fall in the hands of any enquiry committe or any well meaning investigative agency because the criminal in him would stand exposed. I had not informed the Brigadier about the notebook. However this classic villain must have wrongly informed my uncle that the notebook contents are dangerous for your own nephew since anybody reading it would always shun your nephew. This is what the Brigadier must have told my uncle, that’s what I feel. And when I say I feel, that does not brand me a case of schizophrenia. Therefore, I have said that whatever they tell you is not going to be true. Therefore, I have said, investigate this Sudarsanan thoroughly. You will have to apply methods. Follow protocol in your investigation. Meet me also. Get the details that you need. Protocol includes ‘sequence of events’ also.
      So after coming back home, I have mentioned about how I felt. That condition began to deteriorate. I sensed that my intellect, my calculating ability, my technical acumen, my memory were all getting affected. Memory here implies both short term and long term.
      Now since you people are allopathic in nature, probably you will scoff at the idea of anybody being able to ‘sense’. You’ll probably say, ‘how can anybody sense?’ This is a diabolical way of thinking, if you think like that. I say this because of later developments (and therefore, CBI). If you think like that, then your entire understanding of the human make up is flawed and wrong and you are half baked or quarter baked and you are blinkered. You are disastrously stupid if you say something like ‘how can you sense?’ I am saying this because the arguments (that I suspect will be forwarded to you) will convince you against me or confuse you. And I know the kind of arguments that will come because I have (once again a sense of things around me like any normal person) (and therefore the entire thing may also go to the CBI) interacted with Khanna, analysed my interactions with Sudarsanan and can make out that they will evade. I know what I am writing. Things around me implies the stalkings that take place wherever I go everywhere in Delhi. Plus, my meetings with some practitioners has already been laced (prior information supplied about me which is false). I know it, I just know it. If required, I’ll let you know about those also. It’s dangerous for myself to write this but I had to (and therefore CBI because the rascal Sudarsanan will say, “see I said so - schizophrenia, schizophrenia because he “thinks” he is stalked”).
      My entire development pattern was getting affected and its actual repercussions or asliyat or reality would reveal itself in the months to come. Development pattern is brain wise, personality wise, functioning in the society wise. I sensed that I was being broken, something inside of me or the real me or the actual me which was consolidated was getting scattered and without meaning – void. Something crucial was getting amiss as if some connections are gone (?) as if some vital life force (?) is gone. And yes, my thought process was being affected. This is very important and has persisted till today. My entire state of being was being changed, was being stopped. I could sense my body functions were being stopped (ignore the idiotic malintent arguments by Khanna and the Brigadier – they will say something like ‘you are breathing, how can you say body functions are being stopped’). My default thought process was being changed. I’ve mentioned about seizure earlier. You have to believe me. Something was stopping me, the inside of my body was seized, my body functions were stopping. Something default or natural was being made to get diverted in my head. There were changes going on in my head. I could sense that. Something was being altered. I could feel that. And this is not my imagination. A very bad curse had befallen on myself and my family that a “clerk by nature” going by the name “Khanna” managed to convince us that we have to be in the hands of the “Satan in Disguise” Sudarsanan, I know now.
      On one of the days (Nov - Dec ‘07), I felt that brain matter was rushing from one part of the head to another – the upper region of the head towards the top of the head. If I recall correctly, it was from the left to the right. I remember that some gas or liquid or something (some matter) was crossing over across a kind of boundary from this one portion to another, This so called boundary was exactly along a line towards the top of the head (top centre) from front to back. I felt that some kind of transfer is taking place. It was terrible. This went on for several minutes, maybe a few hours. So the symptoms were like those. And at another time I could feel that something was gushing out from the centre of the head towards the top or nearly top and this brain matter was gushing or flowing into the sides of the head, both left and right. It was like a fountain of liquid or gas. It was terrible, absolutely. Again, this went on for several minutes or few hours. ‘It was a continuous flow of some liquid or gas or some brain matter from the centre of the head (towards or near the top - inside) into the sides of the head (near the top – inside).’ This episode must have repeated itself. And therefore, I need that notebook. “Each and every detail of my experiences” is  there. CBI, please do this for me. Arrange for the necessary treatment. I hope some good samaritan in CBI reads this and gets proactive and for the sheer sake of humanity, correct this disastrous aberration in the life of a citizen of India.
      I do not know what damage they have dome to my pineal gland and pituitary gland. Have they burnt my pituitary gland? You know that I was taking the lethal drugs as prescribed by Sudarsanan. This is either November or December. Days went by. I was not working. I couldn’t. My entire life just came to a complete stop. I was at home. My family couldn’t understand. Neither could I. We are very simpe God fearing law abiding folks. Sudarsanan, the son of Satan (I’m not overboard) used to call me on my landline ________ almost everyday from his mobile. He had one or more of the three standard things to say – “are you taking medicine?; how do you feel after taking ‘that’ medicine?; now I want you to take ‘this’ medicine, ‘this much’ dosage”. And when I used to tell him that I felt like this and that, he would say, “all of this would vanish”. And he insisted and persisted that I abandon my internet work. He used to yell actually. He would ask, ‘have you stopped your internet work?’ I would tell him that ‘no, why should I?’ and then I would tell him that “but I got vibrations and lack of awareness feeling whenever I approach the monitor”. He would say his characteristic “huunn” to that. In fact I want the conversations to be made public. I hope the call records are there. C.B.I. can do it. I was almost a workaholic before this tragic episode of my life. My work came to a complete stop practically. I could not think workwise, I was terrified without any reason. I had no ability. My focus had changed and was changing further. I was gripped. My happy go lucky nature got transformed into listlessness, panic, fear, void, no hope, only trauma, only distress, only SOS, lack of awareness. This ‘lack of awareness’ I’ll explain later. This was sudden and without any provocation. I mean till the evening of Nov. 3, 2007, I was my normal self, a normal outgoing person. Suddenly, I was sedated, I was weak, I was dazed, was “stunned”. My going out of home suddenly stopped or became very limited. I would even not be able to go up to the Bus Stand. I remember telling Sudarsanan on one of the days that my world view is changing. I explained to him that earlier there was no limit to the thinking ability, to the desire, to taking aim, to the thinking about the ‘possibiity of attempting this or that’. But now my world view shrunk to almost nothing. I was not able to fathom my own self. How do I explain this? I was a person who would be chided or prevented from the inside of me that ‘hey, you are not supposed to do this, you don’t deserve to think like this, you are nothing, you are no good.” There was no sound or voice, but as I have mentioned, I was made to feel bad about myself, a person who is not supposed to be anything. I don’t know how else I can explain this. Maybe I’ll try again later.
      And yes, the vibrations (the electric current) used to strike at some time of the day and then persist for all day and night and before even reaching half the intensity the next day, the vibrations with full intensity would strike again. This is why I have mentioned about Brain Scientist worth his salt to read my notebook or derive something crucial or substantial from these communications of mine. And yes, of course, my sleep suddenly became very disturbed. And over the days, it would vanish completely. I would lie awake, terrified, no sleep, vibrations, fear, feel bad about myself, something crying within. Yes, I used to tell the enemy agent Sudarsanan that his drugs are making me feel bad about myself. He would say that yes he knows and that this would vanish and that I should continue taking the medicine. My technical acumen, my intelligence, my intellect were badly affected. From a very precise, logical, objective and sharp person, I was becoming into a very general, mediocre person who would later have difficulty in recalling info. about his own work. My work had come to a  complete halt suddenly. STOP.
      My dexterity, nimblefootedness, were all going. I was losing touch with my own self. It’s as if my inner body connections were all broken and without life, without direction, without aim. Emptiness. And as my uncle had himself asked me much later – “are you going nuts?” Yes, I was completely bewildered for no reason. My hunger started vanishing. I would eat only because my common sense told me to eat. And I am telling you that this was a planned attack on my CNS, on my state of being. The damage is, I think, permanent. I wonder why nobody has contacted me yet. This is the fourth communication. Anyway, for your easy recall, I have put the last three communications to you on a web address which is www.kindattentionmci.blogspot.com. This one will also land there as will the following ones.
      Yes, I have to mention here that on the penultimate day of my stay at Khanna Nursing Home, Dr. Khanna had said very confidently, “jab tak tu raat ko das baje nahin sotaa, tu theek nahin ho saktaa, iskaa ilaaj hi yahi hai (till the time you start sleeping at ten in the night, you can’t recover, that is the only treatment for this)”. On the face of it, this sounds so pretty,  so cute. Ooh, such concern. The fact is that they were only beating about the bush and trying to hide their misdeeds. If sleeping at ten in the night is the issue, then from where has Sudarsanan popped up? And the fact of the matter is that my sleep had actually completely vanished over the coming two months after this Sudarsanan’s drugs. And earlier, I could sleep easily and normally. There was never any issue. I used to sleep very tight. All of that was snatched from me. I’m surprised that the medical intervention reins are in the hands of ‘only profit’ chasing businessmen. “Iskaa” implies here the “condition deliberately imposed by the Nursing Home”. But merely sleeping at ten is not the treatment anyway. Why did he say that? What did they do? In the first place, who asked them to do whatever they did?
      More will come. I am trying to fight the way I know. The Army teaches them to win, by hook or by crook, by any which way. There are no rules in war. Ok, .. ok, this Battle has been started by “bharat shatru” Sudarsanan’s handlers. O.k., I’ll fight. They invaded my CNS without provocation. Why? Some experiment? Was I a control subject? That is illegal. I was a simple normal person. Arrest this Sudarsanan, MCI. Jail him after a suitable trial. Let’s see whose side are you on, MCI? I don’t have to tell you what you have to do. You have to investigate the matter thoroughly, sequentially, objectively, press charges against the Nursing Home and this Sudarsanan, find out what exactly was done, and why and then put whoever needs to be in prison, in prison. I should mention again here that I was not informed before this dastardly attack. Plus, they gave unknown substances, Plus, there is no report. I never had any psychiatric history. Who is this Sudarsanan? To whom does he owe allegiance? For which anti social organisation does he work? Who are his anti national accomplices? Who brought in Sudarsanan in the first place? Who is he? Follow protocol, follow step by step procedure, press charges accordingly as you proceed and arrange for the recovery. I have not talked about compensation yet. This entire thing is not about compensation. However, you have to meet up with me and then we have to take it further accordingly. Have their call records from earlier time been retrieved and are they being monitored now? Monitor all activity of all the persons involved. Therefore, I have mentioned CBI. THEREFORE, PUT THIS SUDARSANAN AND KHANNA BEHIND BARS.
      All the communications of mine with Sudarsanan were on the no. ________ (mine) and 9891838955 (his) barring maybe one or two at the most. My talk with the pseudo Delhi famous psychiatrist was on the no. __________ (mine). This no. is now not in my name from a long time.
      Please note that I had never known this Sudarsanan from before. Refer my first communication to you. The person who had brought him to the room had very quickly pointed towards me and said, “yeh hai (it is him)”. I asked him who he himself was. He said some unintelligible mumbo jumbo and simply vanished. That person is also not known to me. Also please note that before Nov. 3, 2007, I was a nimblefooted simple happy go lucky hardworking workaholic just concerned about my living. Very seldom did I go to a Doctor for anything. I had no reason ever to go to a psychiatrist. This Sudarsanan has been thrust upon us.
      More to come:
- live life all over again, and that can’t happen; grip, handle, entire development pattern, connnections, entire life development lost.
- trance, weakening body as if drugged, nerve paralysis, sudden ageing, pituitary gland malfunction or manipulation, diversion of blood flow, clumping of nerves (?), break down of systems of the body, break down of certain “synthesis” function of the body.
- Dr. Khanna prescribes “Verbet” in 2009 and then says that if not found anywhere, come back to me. Verbet not found at any of the chemists around my place, nobody has heard of it.
- Sudarsanan mentions his daughters (while in the Nursing Home)!
- Post Dec. 30, 2007, I decide to have nothing to do with Sudarsanan.
- Around Feb. 2008, Sudarsanan calls up and asks, “are you taking my medicine?” I told him ‘no’.
- Sometime early 2008, Sudarsanan suddenly calls up on his own and says, “we don’t know what it is, symptoms are bizarre, we are only trying to control something before it goes out of hand”. This is all vague and bogus and pseudo talk. It is a bloody criminal mind talking, a gangster talking.
– Again sometime early 2008, Sudarsanan calls up and says, “you should take Medhawati”.
- Sudarsanan had also thundered, “ab karegaa? (will you do now?)”
- While still in the Nursing Home, a silly Nurse (another) acts very weird. This is trivia, so I thought. But I‘ll let you know why this should assume significance because of her behaviour. And I’m not doing any lihaaz now since that has cost me dearly. A lot of misinformation, malinformation is floating around. Therefore, I had said that they have made stories on their own.
- MRI report had the wrong date. This may not be trivia. There cannot be so many coincidences and aberrations on their own. Therefore, CBI.
- Sometime in November, December 2007, Sudarsanan screams over the phone emphatically, “haan, your treatment has begun now” when I told him a particular symptom.

      Therefore, my notebook is to be retrieved somehow and read by a Brain Scientist who comes from a noble family. But this is not about the notebook only. Do not wait. Please contact me. Arrange for the necessary tests, necessary treatment. And remember again that all these symptoms started during the latter part of my stay at Khanna Nursing Home (Nov. 6 evening, or 7th) and after coming back from Khanna Nursing Home and while taking Sudarsanan’s drugs. Earlier, I was a normal outgoing person.