December 22, 2015 - Forward of email to Information Commissioner at CIC

 December 22, 2015 - Forward of email to Information Commissioner at Central Information Commission - IC's diktat

This email was sent to the PIO and FAA at MCI on 22nd December, 2015. This is actually a forward of the email sent to the Information Commissioner few days back, i.e., 18th December 2015. This was sent to the PIO and FAA at MCI because the IC (Information Commissioner) from Central Information Commission had wanted that all emails being served to the CIC (regarding this matter and regarding MCI) should also be served to the MCI.

Towards the lower side one finds attachments mentioned. 5 of these are earlier emails to the MCI. They are earlier in this very blog. Last two are actually one thing - it is the response by the FAA at MCI to myself, one is in document format and the other is in pdf. This response is not being given here. But one can find it eventually at the Facebook Page made for the same purpose. That response was from FAA at MCI only. So MCI was just being informed via this communication from me that their FAA response has also been sent to the CIC.

So thus you find below the email from myself to the PIO and FAA at MCI on Dec. 22, 2015.

For PIO (Public Information Officer) and FAA (First Appellate Authority) at MCI (Medical Council Of India) - forward of my few days back email to the CIC (Central Information Commission)

Subject:     No. MCI-211(2)(RTI)/2013-Ethics/139707 and No. MCI-211(2)(RTI)/2014-Ethics/145678-79.
From:     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date:     Tuesday, December 22, 2015 2:23 AM

Kind Attention: The Public Information Officer at the Medical Council Of India and the First Appellate Authority at the Medical Council Of India.

Refer No. MCI-211(2)(RTI)/2013-Ethics/139707 and No. MCI-211(2)(RTI)/2014-Ethics/145678-79.

Following is the email sent to the Information Commissioner on 18th Dec. 2015 from myself. It's a forward. This is for your information.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: xxxxxxxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "" <>
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2015 6:13 PM
Subject: Notice Of hearing received 7th Dec., FAA response being sent now - FIle No. CIC/YA/A/2015/000226

Shri Yashovardhan Azad,
Information Commissioner,
Central Information Commission,
August Kranti Bhawan,
Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,
Reference: FIle No. CIC/YA/A/2015/000226

#1. I received the Notice Of Hearing on 7th December 2015 by hand as I visited the CIC Office to enquire about the progress regarding reference above. It says that I am required to send a copy of the Second Appeal made to you by myself to the CPIO at MCI and the FAA at MCI. Please note that a 'part copy' of the Communication made to you via Speed Post on 17/01/15, for which you have made FIle No. CIC/YA/A/2015/000226, had been sent by me via email to both the PIO at MCI and the FAA at MCI on 5th Dec. 2015. It is 'part copy' so that repetitions may be avoided. What was not sent to them were my communications to them and their communications to me, but their mention was made, yes. However, the copy of the email to MCI PIO of 21/11/13 which contains the questions to be answered (and also asks of the MCI to respond in totality, in entirety) and which itself is the 5th email in sequence from my side to the MCI, was sent.

#2. The FAA at MCI had sent me a response actually via email on 31/12/2014 but I am not checking my email everyday. This explains why the response by the PIO finds mention in the communication made to you by me of 17/01/15, but the response by the FAA does not. In any case, even if I had read it (FAA response), I would have still made an appeal to you because the response by the FAA via pdf attachment says that the response by the PIO is as per maximum information. Please note the dates on which I had sent emails and the dates on which they responded. It is implied that there is a long gap. Also please note that in Dec. 2014, I had visited the CIC Office personally at least once and had wanted to submit documents and some good staff had suggested informally that more documents should be there. It took me time to prepare the fresh packet for submission. Did in the meantime, information go to the MCI that I am making rounds of the CIC? I am not making an allegation here on your staff but then this is for your information.

Attached please find the body text of email received from the FAA on 31st Dec. 2014 and the pdf attachment received in the same email. Attached also find the first 4 emails in sequence sent to the MCI from my side and which find mention in the 5th email to MCI from my side (this 5th email, as mentioned earlier, contains the questions). These first 4 emails are 'the basis', and are for reference and for your perusal.

Dear Sir, please note that the 5th email, which contains the questions, is not to be read in isolation. The MCI is supposed to have read the 4 emails and the 5th email should be answered only after reading the 4 emails. Please note that the 5th email was sent because the MCI had not responded to any of the earlier emails. I am sure you know and understand, but still I shall mention, that the 4 emails in sequence are not the same. They carry different information, but all concerning about this my ordeal, and all emails urge the MCI to make contact with me, to respond. I am sure you appreciate and understand a fact, but still I shall mention that fact, that this RTI is not only about the 'questions' of the 5th email but is about the 5th email 'in entirety' 'gone unresponded'. And when the 5th email in entirety shall be considered, the earlier 4 emails will come into the ambit. And when the 4 emails shall come in to the ambit, then the MCI will take the right action, or the MCI will not do anything, but you shall know. There is even more to this, and I shall submit that 'additional information' also to you after this email. That 'additional information' would have been submitted to the MCI in the normal course. A response to the 4 emails never happened, neither did a response to the 5th email initially.



•    1st email - June 16, 2012.doc (30.00KB)
•    2nd email - January 10, 2013.doc (34.50KB)
•    3rd email - May 28, 2013.doc (34.50KB)
•    4th email - July 19, 2013.doc (58.00KB)
•    5th email - Nov 21, 2013.doc (30.00KB)
•    response by FAA 31st Dec. 2014.doc (29.00KB)
•    xxxxxxxxxxx - response from FAA on 31st Dec. 2014.pdf (610.65KB)


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